Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 214 English Subbed

Title: Predestined Fate

Release Date: September 5, 2021

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The battle between Koji Kashin and Jigen begins at Kara’s hideout. If Jigen regains the power of the Otsutsuki Clan, it will be impossible to counter him. Before that happens, Kashin tries to drag out Isshiki, who has taken over Jigen's body using a barrage of carefully devised techniques in order to destroy him. Through the tool that Amado uses, Naruto and the others are able to watch the battle from Leaf Village. Finally, Koji's plan works and their strongest and most evil foe, Isshiki Otsutsuki, appears! At the same time, Naruto and the group witness the phenomenon caused by the shock to Kawaki's Karma.