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Title: The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 107 English Subbed
Description: Mirai and crew arrive at the hot springs located near the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Steam in time for a festival celebrating dogs and cats. But Mirai—always on the job—just can’t relax!
By Narutonine  |  May 19, 2019  |  
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Title: Boruto and Kagura

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 31 English Dubbed
Description: Boruto urges his friend Kagura to return with him, but Kagura rejects him and begins to attack. Although Boruto is desperate to save him, Kagura once again falls under a spell and is unable to defy Shizuma. Then someone steps in between the two as they battle. It's Mitsuki, and he has obtained intel about the rebellion. Just what is the intel, and can Boruto save his friend?
By Narutonine  |  May 19, 2019  |  
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Title: The Sharingan Revived

Naruto Shippuden Episodes 473--->486 English Dubbed
Description: Chakra—whose energy connects this world to those beyond—allows Obito to leave Rin's side for a moment and appear in Kakashi’s inner psyche. Obito gives him his Magekyo Sharingan and leaves with a parting wish that Kakashi become the Sixth Hokage.

By Narutonine  |  April 13, 2019  |  

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Boruto: Naruto the Movie English Dubbed
Boruto and his classmates decide to go camping to try to catch the mysterious fish, the Eternal Carp, said to be unforgettably delicious. With graduation coming up this could be the last time the class does something together, so Boruto figures this is the perfect opportunity to catch one, but the fish proves to be very elusive.

By Narutonine  |  March 22, 2017  |