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Title: The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki

Title: Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto

September 18, 2014 Naruto Shippuden Episode 378 English Subbed: Obito completely absorbs the giant Ten Tails, undergoes a transformation and becomes the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki.
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September 11, 2014 Naruto Shippuden Episode 377 English Subbed: Part 2 of a special two-part extra edition! The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying!
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Title: Schism

Naruto Shippuden Episode 260 English Dubbed: Update 9-21-2014: Naruto is determined to save Sasuke, who has deserted the Hidden Leaf.
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